Proud to be a Blue Knight

Duane Potter, President, Kansas V posted to Blue Knights LEMC Facebook page: “Today, as the President of Kansas V, I will have the pleasure to present a check to Seaborn “Willie” Hall (NY 27) and his wife Sue in the amount of $2,804.00. This was all raised through the generous donations of the brothers and sisters during the MWRC Fall Conference.

Willie and Sue are leaving Wichita today to return home after 11 weeks of Willie being hospitalized following his crash on July 31st.” Willie, a member of BK New York XXVII, had been westbound on I-70 in Lincoln County, Kansas, when his motorcycle struck a cooler in the inside passing lane. Willie was on his way to Bike Week in South Dakota and was seriously injured.

“The support and compassion extended to Willie and Sue provides demonstrative testimony to why I am proud to be a Blue Knight! and especially a member of the best conference in the world! I’m very proud of the MWRC for stepping up and supporting a brother in need!”